Private Insurance

Many private insurance companies cover the same indications as Medicare. In some case they may provide additional coverage or they provide less coverage.

Please contact us to discuss private insurance coverage.

CPT Codes for Billing Private/Commercial Payers

Status Description
A 4641   Supply of Radiopharmaceutical FDG
A 4641   Rubidium RB-8
78459 C Heart muscle imaging (PET) Metabolic evaluation
78491 I Heart (PET) perfusion single (rest or stress)
78492 I Heart (PET) perfusion multiple (rest & stress)
78608 N Brain imaging (PET) Metabolic evaluation
78609 N Brain imaging (PET) Perfusion evaluation
78811 I Tumor imaging (PET) limited
78812 I Tumor imaging (PET) skull-thigh
78813 I Tumor imaging (PET) full body
78814 I Tumor imaging (PET/CT) limited
78815 I Tumor imaging (PET/CT) skull-thigh
78816 I Tumor imaging (PET/CT) full body
78810   Deleted 01.01.05
78990   Deleted 01.01.05

Use the appropriate PET and PET/CT CPT codes for billing private/commercial payers